8 Best Kitchen Rugs (Sets Included) 2022

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The sight of spills on decorative kitchen rugs and mats is not only unpleasant, but the thought of cleaning it doesn’t sound like fun. However, times are changing and rugs are today widely accepted in kitchens. While they bring in a touch of style and decor that kitchens have lacked for a very long time, they are also quite functional.

Kitchen rugs, long or short, thick or low-pile, are useful in all kitchen areas including by the sink, under the dining table, on the island, or right in the middle of the kitchen. Still, the best kitchen rugs can also be used in other spaces like the bathroom, living room, bedside, or the hallway, depending on their construction and properties. 

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Carvapet 2 Piece Non-Slip Kitchen Rug Set8.6
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Turquoize Gray Kitchen Chenille Shag Area Rug for Kitchen Floor 8.1
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Leevan Kitchen Vintage Microfiber Non-Skid/Slip Rug 8.7
KIMODE Kitchen Anti Fatigue Waterproof Rugs8.5
HEBE Washable Black and Cream White Hand Woven Cotton Rug 8.5
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HEBE Kitchen Non-Slip Kitchen Rug Set9.0
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Maples Rugs Kitchen Set9.1

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In addition to helping you maintain hygiene in the kitchen, rugs add color, style, personality, and warmth in the kitchen. This does not discount the fact that the kitchen area does get messy and wet at times. So, what is it you should be looking for when buying rugs for the kitchen floor?

Our review checks out some stylish and functional rugs for the kitchen area that will bring in a touch of color and warmth.  These are some of the kitchen rugs Amazon has moved in numbers and people are loving them more by the day. They are tough, durable, and stunning. 

Material construction

A tough material will have your rug serving you for a long time to come. It will withstand high traffic quite well and remain good-looking after long use. Many indoor rugs are made of polypropylene material. The reason, the material absorbs but doesn’t hold spills and dries pretty fast. Other common materials for kitchen rugs are wool, jute, and sisal. For safety, go for kitchen rugs with a rubber backing as they will not slip. 


The size of the rug you pick for your kitchen depends on the size of your kitchen. Again, rugs come in different shapes and sizes. While some like the kitchen rugs runners are long and rectangular ideal for placing by the sink or on the island, others are smaller for putting on the doorway. Remember that small-size machine-washable rugs are better for the kitchen than kitchen rugs large enough to fill your entire space. Kitchen rugs certainly need constant cleaning given the environment. 


Dark colors are better for the kitchen area. This is because they tend to conceal spills and stains. 

Pile height

Low-pile rugs are first of all easy to clean and dry fast. Secondly, it’s easy to set them under the door when you have to do so. Thirdly, they pretty safe as they will not lift to trip people. 

Base backing

Kitchen rugs need a non-slip backing at their base. The kitchen is a highly risky area and preventing falls should be a top priority. Still, you could opt for a separate rug pad to place your rug on if it doesn’t have an integrated backing. 

Decor compliment

While rugs are functional for safety and comfort, they are also excellent decorative highlights. For this reason, the rug you pick for your space needs to compliment your decor and theme in terms of color and pattern.  dfdfd

7 Best Kitchen Rugs (Sets Included) 2022

1. Carvapet 2 Piece Non-Slip Kitchen Rug Set

These exotic two-piece runner stays beautifully put on your kitchen floor. They are low-pile rugs that allow you to fit them easily under your door if you so wish. They are richly vintage in style and brightly colored to create an air of merriness and comfort in your kitchen. 

But it is not just the aesthetics that will charm you, these runners are made to last. They are constructed with tough microfibre material yet they remain velvety and easy on your feet. What’s more, they are the fast-dry type that will absorb liquids and moisture and dry out fast to leave your kitchen environment dry and fresh. 

Never mind about slip-offs, the Carvapet 2-piece kitchen rugs’ non-slip dotted latex backing takes care of this. The rugs are of different sizes with one measuring 15.7 x 47.2 inches and the other 15.7 x 23.6 inches which is pretty much what every kitchen needs near the working surfaces. 

Finally, coming in many different colors and patterns, there’s something for every vintage taste. Cleaning and maintaining are as easy as machine washing or vacuuming. 


  • Low pile-height 
  • Durable construction 
  • Very soft on the feet 


  • Size tends to run smaller than others in the same category 

2. Turquoize Gray Kitchen Chenille Shag Area Rug for Kitchen Floor

A slightly raised pile isn’t bad after all if comfort matters more to you. This multipurpose rug by Turquoize, made of premium chenille fabric, is what any space prone to wetness needs. It is super absorbent and will draw in water to leave your floor dry and safe for you to walk and work on. This fabric is also a great option if you need to bring in warmth in a space. This makes it best suited for most spaces including the bathroom, living room, kitchen, and even the bedroom. As far as style, decor, and personality go, this is among the few kitchen rugs modern, minimalist, and contemporary preferences will accommodate. 

These are not the only advantages this rug has. The Turquoize shaggy runner is warm and plush on the feet. It also features an anti-skid backing at its bottom which has been made through the revolutionary SBE/Hot melt spray technology. 

Functional as it is, this rug is charming to the eyes. Whether you love it bright or a bit toned down, you’ve got nine single-color options to choose from. Easy to clean by simply machine washing and measuring a generous 20 x 59 inches with 1/2 -inch pile height, there is everything to like about this rug. 


  • Excellent absorption ability
  • Fits in different decor styles  
  • Well made and bound anti-slip backing 


  • Raised pile may seem unsafe for some people

3. Leevan Kitchen Vintage Microfiber Non-Skid/Slip Rug

This stunning 2-set rugs by Leevan just does it for your space. Featuring several unique playful print pattern options for different tastes and preferences, these rugs will add life and color to your kitchen. They are also designed with rounded edges and thin pile height to keep you safe as you go about your kitchen duties.  The smaller mat measures 17 x 29 inches while the larger one measures 17 x 59 inches. 

These rugs come with a TPR thermoplastic rubber backing that is not just non-stick but also pretty hard-wearing. The non-skid backing makes this set a very functional piece that you can use elsewhere including the kid’s room, bathroom, and entryway. At its top is microfiber material that is soft and comfortable on the feet. Cleaning is simple. These rugs are machine washable. Alternatively, wipe off the stains and dirt with a damp cloth or wash by hand and you are good to go. 


  • Decorative prints do not fade out over time 
  • Comfortable on the feet 
  • Low pile rug prevents tripping and falls 


  • Catches stains rather fast 
  • Frequent washing wears out the edges 

4. KIMODE Kitchen Anti Fatigue Waterproof Rugs

KIMODE’s kitchen rugs sets have an amazing construct if you are looking for a set that doesn’t absorb water. This is among the few mats built with great water and oil proofing abilities making it easy to clean as it does not absorb stains and spills fast. This set of rugs features PVC leather cushioning held to the non-slip rubber backing by an ECO-friendly adhesive. This makes it both safe and environmentally friendly. 

Secondly, while there are special kitchen rugs for hardwood floors, ceramic floors, tiled floors, and others, KIMODE’S rugs are a good option for high traffic areas and use on different kinds of floors. The larger mat measures 18 x 47 inches while the smaller measures 18 x 29 inches. They are also pretty low-pile and comfortable so there will be no worrying about tripping or falling. 

Beyond the functionality features, these mats are excellent decorative pieces. With bright colors and unique patterns to choose from, these mats will give your space a new dimension and color. Cleaning takes a mere wiping with a damp cloth and mild detergent and you are good to go. 


  • Low profile mat is safe 
  • Non-slip base 
  • Water and oil-proof top 
  • Beveled edge for safety


  • Others find it too thin

5. HEBE Washable Black and Cream White Hand Woven Cotton Rug

HEBE has managed to stick to a blend of black and other light-toned colors with their signature geometric patterns yet their rugs somehow always stand out as stunning. This set of two rugs, made of pure hand-woven cotton material with tassel edging presents a great way to enhance your kitchen decor while staying safe. Like your kitchen rugs black and white? HEBE’s rug and runner set fit the bill. 

It is functional, coming with excellent water absorption properties, this set of rugs will leave your floor dry and your space fun to be in. They are pretty comfortable to step on and supportive too. This is good especially if you will be spending long hours of work while standing. 

Measuring a generous 51.2 x 23.6 inches and 35.4 x 23.6 inches, these rugs are also functional for other spaces like the bedroom, living room, bathroom, hallways, and other spaces. They will not only keep your space dry but also make your space warm. 

These rugs, however, come with special washing instructions. Because of how delicate the cotton material is, it should be washed gently in water with a maximum temperature of 30°C. 


  • Classic design with black and white geometric pattern and tassel edges 
  • Low-pile rugs prevent tripping 
  • Light enough to be used not just for the floor but for the sofas and other surfaces 


  • Printed pattern fades out and the weave loosens with frequent washing 
  • Complicated cleaning instructions 
  • Not non-slip must be used with a non-slip rug-pad 

6. HEBE Kitchen Non-Slip Kitchen Rug Set

HEBE does have a variety of quality mats. If maintaining the all-cotton runners does not appeal to you due to their sensitive nature, these kitchen rugs, washable in the washing machine, low-maintenance and durable make a good option. Made of durable polypropylene, this rug will retain its color, prints, and strength for a long time to come. Secondly, it is made with great absorption properties to keep your space dry and free from moisture. 

At the base of the set of rugs is a non-slip TPR rubber backing that keeps the rugs in place to keep you safe. These rugs, like most others, are multifunctional and are suited for other spaces including the kids’ room. 

Apart from its functionality, these rugs are designed with stunning flower prints to compliment your decor. Never mind about the print patterns because the printing and dyeing process used is one that will keep the design intact without fading off. Measuring 18 x 28 inches and 18 x 48 inches, these low-pile mats are safe, machine washable, and pretty versatile.  


  • Tough and durable, good for high-traffic spaces
  • Easy to clean and maintain 


  • Size might run a little smaller than others in its category 

7. Maples Rugs Kitchen Set

Maple’s sets of rugs are designed with different sizes to meet very specific needs. For instance, this 3-piece set for the kitchen in Rebecca’s collection measures 20 x 34 inches, 21 x 60 inches, and 30 x 46 inches. Quite uniquely, Maples Rugs is one of the few companies that produces three-piece stylish rugs and not the usual two-piece that others produce. This gives you room to play around with different arrangement styles in your space to complement your decor. 

These rugs, made of Olefin polypropylene pile, are plush, looped and deliver an extremely soft feel on the feet. Together with excellent spill and stain-resistant properties, these rugs come as a great investment for your space. They also feature a slip-resistant latex backing at the bottom making them not merely posture-supporting and fatigue-easing options but also safe. Simple machine washing is enough to keep your rug clean and ready to use. 


  • Low profile rugs are safe and durable 
  • They are lightweight 
  • Very soft and comfortable on the feet


  • Not very resilient in high traffic areas 
  • Requires keen maintenance as the threads can come off easily 


There is more to kitchen rugs than their protective functions. These pieces add life, color, and personality to your space making it a place you wouldn’t mind spending your time in. however, for a mat to be completely perfect for your needs, you need to strike a balance in style, form, size, and function. When you get this right, you’ll never have a dull moment in your space. 

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