9 Best Reclining Sofas 2022

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Sofas are an important aspect of a space. They are not just functional for sitting they also accent your style and personality as far as the interior decor of your space is concerned. The luxurious recliner sofas take this a notch higher. They are the reason why you are addicted to relaxing in your lounge! Even higher, is the technologically advanced reclining sofa sleeper that takes care of your emergencies when you are out of sleeping options for your guests. 

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Signature Design by Ashley Mitchiner Reclining Sofa9.7
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Signature Design by Ashley The Tulen Reclining Sofa9.5
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Homelegance Jarita Reclining Sofa 9.5
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Coaster Home Furnishings Weissman Pillow Padded Motion Sofa9.8
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MorriSofa Jackson Power Reclining Sofa9.0
FDW Recliner Leather Sofa (3 Seater) for Living Room9.3
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Christies Home Living Room Reclining Sofa9.0
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Homelegance Resonance Microfiber Double Reclining Sofa9.5
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Signature Design by Ashley Tafton Reclining Sofa 9.0

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But while you were going through reclining couches for sale, you ought to have selected just the right recliner that will remain intact for years to come. This way, you will not only enjoy relaxing on the sofa, but you will also have the peace of mind that comes with the right investment. 

Considering these 5 key elements when choosing a recliner will help you make an informed decision. 


For many people, selecting a sofa is like selecting its upholstery first before considering other factors. Some popular upholsteries used for making recliner sofas include polyester, genuine leather, faux leather, polyurethane. The upholstery one chooses significantly influences comfort, durability, and its effect on space’s decor. On the other hand, reclining sofas in the fabric are not the easiest to clean. They are prone to absorbing spills and staining. 

Cushion filling

The three commonly used cushion filling materials are foam, fiber, and polyurethane. A cushion’s filling determines how soft or supportive a cushion will be. High-density fillings yield firm cushion support. 

Frame and joints

The frames of a recliner are commonly constructed with manufactured wood, engineered hardwood, metal, or a combination. Of the three, hardwood and metal are the most durable. The frame of the sofa keeps everything else held together. Strong frames and joints add to the durability of a sofa. 

The recliner mechanism.

Recliners can be manual, powered, or adjustable. Most manual recliners come either with a press button or a pull-tab which uses a lever to recline the sofa to your desired position. Unlike power recliners, they do not need a power outlet to function. Adjustable recliners are commonly used for sofas whose backrest reclines and not the footrest. 

Weight and dimensions

The dimensions of a recliner should be measured against the available space. 

9 Best Reclining Sofas 2022

These 9 reclining sofa models stand out from the crowd. They have dominated reclining sofas reviews. They come packed with great features, are quite durable and most importantly stunning in design. 

1. Signature Design by Ashley Mitchiner Reclining Sofa

This foggy gray recliner in Ashley’s Furniture signature design series is made to offer an excellent balance between comfort and support. Its neutral color blends in most decors and is easy to spruce up with colored or patterned throw pillows. 

Falling among the reclining sofas with console category, this sofa is a double recliner whose middle seat converts easily to a table. The backrest of the middle seat drops forward to become a tabletop incorporated with two glass holders. In addition to comfort, reclining sofas with cup holders like Mitchiner deliver the much-needed convenience during relaxation. 

At a glance, it is evident that its construction is carefully thought of. Made with a strong corner-blocked engineered hardwood frame with metal reinforcement, this sofa offers good value. Its cushions, just like its frame are designed with durability in mind. They are made of low-melt polyester fiber wrapped in pure polyester covers along with thickly padded armrests to complete the comfort equation. 

It is also quite spacious thanks to the generous base measurement of 87 x 40 inches and 42 inches in height. The seat length, when fully reclined extends to 70 inches, making it the choice reclining sofa for a tall man. The pull tab reclining motion feature locks gently, easily, and securely at any point that you will desire. 

To assemble, simply slide each cushion on its metal slot until it clicks securely into position. This seat weighs 299 lb. 


  • Extremely comfortable cushions 
  • Dual recline 
  • The Versatile middle seat can be used as a table or as a seat


  • Makes some noise when you shift on the chair

2. Signature Design by Ashley The Tulen Reclining Sofa

The Tulen reclining sofa is another of Ashley’s best reclining sofas designed for maximum comfort. The super-supportive waterfall backrest design and the armrest bumps are not the only comfort features in this reclining sofa. This sofa is also designed with thick resilient foam cushions wrapped in poly fiber inside silk-soft chenille polyester upholstery. Plus the reclining sofa gray color goes with any decor. 

This 3-seater features dual-sided recliners and a stationary middle seat. It comes outfitted with a pull tab reclining motion which allows you to set a comfortable sitting position without a hassle. Tulen sofa offers a generous sitting space measuring 87 x 40 inches with a 40-inch height. 

Comfort aside, the Tulen recliner is built to last thanks to the corner-blocked frame that has been reinforced with metal. This seat is not as heavy as others in its category at 177 lb. 


  • Waterfall design for the backrest is both comfortable and supportive 
  • Thick resilient padding for the cushions and the armrests


  • Not ideal for a tall person 
  • Fabric frays easily

3. Homelegance Jarita Reclining Sofa

A part of Jarita’s transitional 3 seater reclining sofas by Homelegance is this reclining sofa that sits three. This double-recliner sofa features bold chocolate bi-cast vinyl upholstery and pure easy-to-clean polyester fabric making it a perfect addition if you want to achieve a casual style in your space. 

First things first, this seat comes with its base, back, and arm cushions detached. Therefore, some assembly, although very simple, is required. Simply, slide the pieces onto their slots until they are locked securely and you are good to go. The seat measures 82 x 39.5 x 39.50 inches in length, depth, and height respectively, to give you ample space to relax.  It weighs 

It is designed with a metal frame with glued, blocked and stapled corners to deliver strong joints. For plush backs, seats, and arms in addition to the pure polyester fabric covering them, come with a CFR foam filling bonded with low-melt fiber. This makes the cushions both firm and comfortable. 

One significant advantage for the design of this sofa is that it is not designed with pocket coil suspension which sags over time. The reclining function is manually operated by pulling it to extend your seat to a fully reclined position.


  • Easy assembly 
  • Firm, soft, and comfortable cushions 
  • Easy-to-clean fabric


  • Comes with a smell which fades away with time 
  • Short footrests when reclined. May not be ideal for tall people. 

4. Coaster Home Furnishings Weissman Pillow Padded Motion Sofa

Get this Weissman sofa from Coaster Home Furnishings if you want more than luxury in your lounge. It is incredibly soft and comfortable but at the same time very supportive. Its cool charcoal color is just enough to relax your mind as you take a rest. The 3-seater recliner is designed with two reclining seats and one stationary middle seat. 

This sofa features the wall-saving hugger design with a 4-inch reclining distance from the wall. This design allows it to be positioned against the wall as the seat will move forward as it reclines. Made of a durable wooden frame, soft textured fleece fabric cover, and a combination of cool gel memory foam and pocket spring seating for the cushions. This creates an excellent balance between support and soft comfort. Something to be admired is that in addition to the seating, the back and armrests are also cushioned to provide maximum comfort.

The recliner mechanism features a pull lever which raises the footrest when raised. Some assembly is required, however, the process is quite simple and toolless at that. Simply slip in the three back and two arm pieces in their right position making sure they have all clicked securely in place. 


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Sectioned back makes it easy to pull apart and assemble


  • The footrest is a bit too short for tall people 

5. MorriSofa Jackson Power Reclining Sofa

MorriSofa power model is a reclining sofa that doesn’t look like it unless you look hard enough. Still, it comes with enough bells and whistles to be considered a top of the range recliner. Quite uniquely, this sofa features an electrically powered recline function for each of the two end seats with a USB charging port incorporated in them. The reclining mechanism works smoothly and conveniently with the touch of a button. 

Measuring a generous 90 x 40 x 41.5 inches, MorriSofa thought about how much people value space while relaxing. It comes with memory foam seat toppers, enclosed in pure polyester fabric. These have been integrated with individually pocketed coil seating underneath to offer firm and comfortable support. It also features a solid frame made of heavy-duty plywood making it as durable as it is functional. 

This sofa is grey, which gives it two advantages. Firstly, grey is a cool color you wouldn’t mind having in your space when peace and rest are what you desire to achieve. Secondly, grey blends beautifully with most decor colors and themes. It weighs 211.6 lb. This sofa comes ready right out of the box. No worrying about assembling it and its contemporary design will make an excellent highlight in your space. 


  • Supportive and comfortable thanks to a combination of pocketed coil seating and memory foam toppers
  • Convenient and smooth operating power recline mechanism 


  • Recliner function will not work during power-outs 

6. FDW Recliner Leather Sofa (3 Seater) for Living Room

The advantages that leather sofas have over fabric sofas is that they are easy to keep clean and are waterproof. This is thanks to the fact that they have a relatively smooth even grain that. This is exactly what FDW’s recliner sofa has to offer plus the fact that it has been made using premium quality PU leather. Quite frankly, there are no better reclining sofa deals you will find out there.

If you love the earth and nature, this sofa’s earth-brown color will charm you. Secondly, this is among FDW reclining sofas for small spaces. You only need to leave a 2-inch allowance between the sofa and the wall. It features a manual reclining mechanism. Gently pull the lever handle to adjust the seat to your desired recline position to a nearly horizontal position. 

This dual recliner 3-seater comes with a durable frame made of solid wood with a steel rack structure for easy adjustment. It also boasts of an extra-wide curved back section and a padded headrest. Its cushions, armrests, and the back sections are filled with resilient high-density foam to deliver both comfort and support. This recliner sofa measures 77.2 x 39.4 x 39.4 inches in width, height, and depth respectively. 

While some assembly is required because the reclining sofa will be arriving in pieces, it will take you not more than three minutes putting together this sofa on arrival. Plus you do not need any tools putting it together. 


  • Wide comfortable backrest 
  • Resilient high-density foam filling is both comfortable and supporting 
  • PU leather is waterproof and easy to maintain


  • Not ideal for those looking for a soft sofa as it is firm 
  • Smaller than other sofas in its category

7. Christies Home Living Room Reclining Sofa

Christies Home Living has this Bill Contemporary reclining seat on in stock. It is a dual recliner with padded footrests that sits three people. The middle part remains stationary while the ends reline. It is built with a manual recline mechanism that offers several reclining positions. 

Carefully constructed with a hardwood frame with steel rail reinforcement, this sofa is not only comfortable but also long-lasting. It is also constructed with a corner-blocked frame to create strong joints. The Bill reclining sofa is made of premium polyester fabric cover with a foam topper and pocketed coils wrapped with dacron fiber. This gives it a balance of softness, resilience, and support properties that you would look in a sofa.   

Comfort and support do not end with the cushions. The arm and waterfall backrests also come with these features. The seat measures 40 x 81 x 35 inches in height, width, and depth respectively. This sofa weighs 156 lb and comes dismantled. 

Some assembly is required to fit the reclining sofa sectional pieces of the seat into their slots. 


  • Fabric and filling makes it very comfortable and also supportive 
  • Waterfall backrest offers great back support 
  • Wall hugger design saves space 


  • May be too firm for those looking for a seat that is more soft than supportive

8. Homelegance Resonance Microfiber Double Reclining Sofa

The Resonance reclining couch, one of the Cranley Collection models, is as inviting and as comfortable as it looks. This seat, designed with a blend of rich brown plush microfiber for the seating area and bonded leather of the same color at the side, is nothing short of stunning. It features the space-saving wall hugger design which lets you position it almost against the wall. It features a manual recliner mechanism that uses levers to recline the seat to your desired position. 

Like most other recliners and for convenience during transportation, this recliner comes with some of its pieces detached and so will need simple assembly. It is a dual recliner with each of the end seat reclining independently. The middle seat does not recline. This sofa stands out for comfort. It features seats, arm, and backrests that are thickly padded with resilient foam that lets you sink in 

This seat measures 83 x 39 x 40 inches in width, depth, and height respectively which is ample enough for comfortable sitting. 


  • Very comfortable
  • Sleek design complements decor 


  • Faux leather tends to wear out over time 

9. Signature Design by Ashley Tafton Reclining Sofa

Tafton Reclining Sofa by Ashley Furniture Signature Design is yet another clever combination of pure soft polyester and faux vinyl leather at the sides to bring a touch of contemporary style to your space. The two materials come with different textures and different shades of the same color which gives this sofa its sleek look and makes it a warm comfortable seat to relax on. 

Design aside, this sofa is well built. It comes with a sturdy corner-blocked and metal rack frame for the seat and footrest. The soft polyester upholstery and faux vinyl leather on the outside with resilient foam cushions and thick poly fiber toppers. 

The back cushions and armrests are detachable to make it easy to transport the Tafton reclining sofa. This means that some assembly will be required to set it up particularly for the reclining mechanism. The tools and hardware you will need to put together this seat are included in its package. 

This three-seater features two reclining ends with a stationary middle section. The reclining mechanism is made of a pull tab reclining motion. It weighs a little on the heavy side with 224 lb weight and measures an ample 88 x 39 x 40 inches in width, depth, and height respectively. 


  • Thickly padded seat cushion, arm, and backrests making it a comfortable option. 
  • Durable frame construction 


  • A bit too bulky
  • Will not pass through doors measuring less than 32 inches


Whether you need a reclining sofa bed, loveseat, or a three-seater, quality matters a lot. Quality in terms of its construction, the materials used in its construction, and design. Recliners can be an expensive one-time investment and getting the right one for your needs and space gives you peace of mind for a long time to come. 

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